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Untitled - Bristol, summer '10
T-rex, T-rex on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all?
He whose face is full of dreams
She who's tearing at the seams
The seams of dreams which seemed long lost
:icontabloidjunkie:TabloidJunkie 1 0
Seven Years
Seven years. That's how long Joseph had been confined within the off-white walls of Greybrook Psychiatric Hospital. Seven years, two weeks and three days, to be exact. It was the only span of time he cared to keep track of – anything else seemed trivial in a place where they kept you subdued with drugs and life followed a set schedule of waking up, 'recreation' and lights out. Not to forget the regular meetings with his psychiatrist. Oh yes, the highlight of Joseph's week it was, talking to Dr. Halpern and trying to figure out why he'd killed all those people over a decade ago. In those seven years, two weeks and three days, Dr. Halpern had come to a lot of conclusions that in Joseph's eyes were superfluous – do you really need a reason to kill? (Yes, the esteemed doctor had jumped on that question like a dog on a bone.)
One-hundred and seventy-seven victims. He'd kept good track. There were people out there who thought it was an impressive number, an amazing fe
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Little Helper by TabloidJunkie Little Helper :icontabloidjunkie:TabloidJunkie 0 3 Shhh... by TabloidJunkie Shhh... :icontabloidjunkie:TabloidJunkie 1 0 La Petite Artiste by TabloidJunkie La Petite Artiste :icontabloidjunkie:TabloidJunkie 0 0
Beg, Steal and Borrow
Taking a break in trying to ensnare possible customers, Milo was sitting with his feet on a footstool, leaned back on the chair he kept behind his makeshift stall in the marketplace. In his hands was a loaf of bread that he kept breaking pieces from, the crumbs sticking to his woolen fingerless gloves as the right hand moved continuously between the bread and Milo's mouth. Had it not been for the stall laden with items and the well-groomed hair and face, Milo Skelton could easily have been mistaken for a homeless person - his clothes were worn and dull in colour, from the tattered black-and-white scarf around his neck down to the well-trodden shoes on his feet. He seemed healthy enough however, not particularly skinny despite the meagre lunch he was having.
On the ground next to the stall sat an old man, dressed similarly to Milo but looking worse for wear. Whether this was because he sat on the blacktop like an abandoned plaything or because of his mousy appearance was hard to say, bu
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Neighbour's Nuisance
"Your raptor ate my son."
Mr Johnson looked mighty unconcerned with my statement where he stood leaned against the door frame of his front door. "And?"
"And I expect you to reimburse me. He was my only son, you know."
Rolling his eyes, my neighbor sighed, obviously annoyed with me. "It's not like you can't make another one."
I raised my hand, the index finger upright and the rest of my digits curled into a loose fist. "That's not the point, Johnson - the point is that your raptor ate my kid. Now, I spent eight years raising that kid to become a good person. So when you allow your pet to eat him, you ruin all the effort I've put into my son's life and growth. I really don't appreciate that."
Mr Johnson shook his head in a way that clearly expressed what kind of thoughts he had about me. "Look, Jane… You knew Charlie was out in the yard, so why'd you let the kid out? I can't be responsible for your actions, can I?"
"I should be able to let my kid play in the yard without havi
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If I'm James Dean... by TabloidJunkie If I'm James Dean... :icontabloidjunkie:TabloidJunkie 1 0 Anti-Hero by TabloidJunkie Anti-Hero :icontabloidjunkie:TabloidJunkie 0 2 Eiji's Hands by TabloidJunkie Eiji's Hands :icontabloidjunkie:TabloidJunkie 3 0 These hands... by TabloidJunkie These hands... :icontabloidjunkie:TabloidJunkie 1 2
Matt 003
Matt Lawrence wasn't very concerned with the way he looked. At nine years of age, there were several things he found more important than his appearance. Like many young boys, he simply trusted his mother to supply him with clothes that weren't awful and he really couldn't care less about how his hair looked (unless it got really matted, when it was a pain to brush out). Over the summer, his mother had let it grow long and Matt never thought twice about it. Until, that was, someone else did.
August had rolled around again and fall term had started roughly two weeks ago. Matt had a new backpack that he was very proud of – shaped as a racecar, red and black, and therefore very cool. He was showing it off to his best friend Tom at lunch break and the two boys' attention was completely focused on the backpack. So focused, in fact, that they didn't notice the approaching girl until she stood right next to their table.
"Hi Matt," she said, hands clasped behind her back.
Matt looked up wi
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Desktop and Dock facelift by TabloidJunkie Desktop and Dock facelift :icontabloidjunkie:TabloidJunkie 0 0
Adrian 001
Apartment 1111 in the Astor Ridge building looked pretty generic. It was painted mostly white, with the exception of the blue master bedroom and the one red wall in the living room. There was a red, u-shaped couch in front of a flat-screen TV, a king size bed, stone countertops and all the rugs were some shade of blue. One bathroom was designated for guests and the other was kept locked at all times, to keep anyone but the tenant himself out. Artwork and similar things that can usually be found on walls was very scarce in 1111, the only framed picture hanging at the end of the hall leading to the second bedroom – a photo manipulation depicting a headless body slumped in front of a washing machine, where its head tumbled around. There was no blood and gore - it looked more as though the head had simply been popped off and thrown in the machine for a good wash.
The apartment was usually kept fairly neat, although no one could claim that the man who lived there was zealous about clea
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Which Am I? by TabloidJunkie Which Am I? :icontabloidjunkie:TabloidJunkie 4 3 Stark Expo 2010 Desktop by TabloidJunkie Stark Expo 2010 Desktop :icontabloidjunkie:TabloidJunkie 0 0

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Activity just that awesome.

That is all for now.
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Syd Waters
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